Can you hear me?

Hello my fellow, accessibility and safety pioneers!

My name is Natalia, and I am CEO of Pavanu Mobility. I'm delighted to be part of this project that will change the world to a better place to live in!

My journey started with falling head over heels for a man, who happened to be a wheelchair user (mountain bike accident, paralysed from the chest down).

Ten years on and we are still together and still going strong. But of course, our journey is like any other - ups and downs, rights and lefts, the only thing that’s consistent is our strong will to keep going and overcome the obstacles life puts in our way!

If you are a wheelchair user or you are with someone that uses a wheelchair, you can easily recognise the obstacles on every single journey you take.

For example, there are moments where we simply can’t be part of an event, only because there is a step too high for a wheelchair user to get over. No go here.

Another one - no wheelchair accessible bathroom, no go here either, for understandable reasons.

Obstacles are everywhere. Only this year Noel, my partner, fell from the wheelchair twice.  A grown man, on the side-walk, in the middle of the day and the middle of the street, had to be picked up and put back into the wheelchair. Why? Because road workers didn't fill a gap in the footpath after an installation, hence the front wheels of the wheelchair got caught and Noel was thrown from his wheelchair.

Sound familiar to anyone?

These problems are only familiar to people who have to face them on a daily basis.

Awareness of accessibility and safety matters to all of us... There are parents with buggies, there are elderly and there is simply you and I that use pedestrian areas, footpaths, and side-walks.  

Many millions of individuals are simply not aware that these problems exist!

We are here to start to voice these problems.

At Pavanu Mobility, we want to change the ways pedestrian areas were built, maintained and repaired.

By highlighting everyday issues that wheelchair users have to face day after day and day after that, we will bring awareness that will produce actual changes while ensuring accessibility and safety for everyone.


My next blog is going to be about what we are doing to change this and how we can find the way for this problem to be heard!

With Love,

Natalia ☺