Check out our technology that can help the National Disability Authority and our local authorities.

Pavanu has created amazing new technology that can bring highly accurate information
about accessibility and safety in pedestrian areas, footpaths and sidewalks of our towns and cities.

By utilizing PASIV (Pedestrian Areas Survey Inspection Vehicle) we gather data that shows the severity of a problem, location of the problem and records photographic evidence of the problem. By doing this we are capable of creating maps that show the access and safety health of an area.

Millions of euros are spent every year on claims for trips/falls. Hundreds of lives are affected by injuries that occur as a result of these trips and falls and thousands of wheelchair users are subject to vibrations and impacts as a result of problems on our footpaths.

Damaged Footpath detected by pavanu

Damaged Footpath detected by pavanu

In fact Patricia Byron Chief Executive of the injuries board in a press release is quoted as saying:

“We can see again from the findings that slips, trips and falls remain the main cause of public liability accidents, with very few complex, high value claims. I encourage all those with responsibility for public areas to invest in basic prevention. On the basis of our claims analysis, it is clear that by simply maintaining public pathways/floor surfaces and by carefully securing loose goods, furniture etc, many of these claims could be avoided or minimized. Prevention must become the key.”



work completed using pavanu's data

work completed using pavanu's data

 Pavanu’s ground fixing technology can help with this prevention.

While NDA, the National Disability Authority is working to create great awareness about “walkability” in our towns, please see if you can benefit from this report: